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Rita believes in love at first sight.

At 60cm tall (including her hat) and weighing about 500 grams, Rita is a perfect addition to any bookcase. She adds playfulness and personality to your shelves, while also keeping your books in place.

Each doll is handmade to order so please allow 21 for delivery

Not suitable for children under 36 months

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Rita believes in love at first sight, and she will do her best to turn you into a believer as well, when she tells you how she and Malcolm met and fell in love.

Although she loves to share a bookend job with her sweetheart Malcolm, she is a very independent woman and is not afraid of tackling the job on her own! She also enjoys making your mantel prettier, and she has been known to keep all the secrets hidden a chest of drawers away from prying hands. A true-love believer at heart, Rita is a great addition to any romantic’s décor.

Rita is best friends with youtube phenomenon Zoella! She regularly makes appearances in her vlogs, in the press and now permanently alongside her waxwork at Madame Tussuads.

Each doll is completely handmade to order, which means that there might be minor differences in colour and fabric — but it also means that your doll will be completely unique to you! All of the dolls’ hats are made from recycled jumpers bought in charity shops. This makes each doll truly one of a kind, and enables the company to play a small part in reducing textile waste.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

Made from printed velvet, fleece and recycled jumpers. Filled with plastic beads and polyester stuffing. NOT A TOY.