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Malcolm and Rita's love story


Malcolm and Rita's love story

He was working as a waiter at a cocktail bar when she found him… She turned him around, and now, five years later, they’re inseparable.

After a long day at work, Malcolm was questioning his entire existence. He just felt like everyone around him was moving on with their lives: getting promoted, getting engaged, getting pregnant... And his life was just the same it had always been: he was just a lonely waiter at a cocktail bar, without anyone he could really talk to.

On days like these, he liked to go to Brighton Pier, pick a spot at the end of the pier and just look out to sea for answers. And that’s exactly what he was doing when he saw the cutest girl he had ever seen. He can remember it as if it was yesterday. He turned around and their eyes met over her candy floss. The moonlight was lighting her face and he just couldn’t help but stare at her. He even dropped his ice cream.

Rita believes in love at first sight. And she swears that’s exactly what she felt when her eyes first met that stranger’s eyes. Her heart started pounding in her chest. He suddenly dropped his ice cream, and she couldn’t help but laugh. It gave her the perfect opportunity to come to the rescue.


They quickly started talking about basically everything. They just clicked. They talked for hours that night on the pier. Before Rita went home, Malcolm asked her on their first date, which happened just a few days later at the park under the fireworks. Their second date was at the pound shop. Since then, they have had all types of dates, including in a soup factory, the Skegness pier, at a skate park and the local farmer’s market, where they picked potatoes together. They have even been mushroom hunting in the deep woods of Michigan and on a safari in South Africa!

But the most important thing for them is that first conversation? It has never ended.

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