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Behind The Scenes

Hi! Welcome to the brand new Ruby Ruth Dolls blog. You might have already caught a few glimpses of the Ruby Ruth studio if you follow us on instagram or facebook, but I thought it would be a good way to start the blog with a proper look behind the scenes to get a closer look at where all the characters are brought to life...

Each and every character is drawn out, cut out, sewn up, stuffed, given eyes, a name, wrapped up and sent out into the world from the colourful workshop located in the Rodhus studios in Brighton, England. The individual parts of the making process are finished by different members of the Ruby Ruth team; Louisa, Ieva and me, Jenny. 

Firstly using wooden templates each character is carefully mapped out ready for being sewn up... 

Ieva then expertly machine sews the mapped out pieces together. From there they are turned inside out and stuffed with plastic beads and polyester stuffing ready for the next stage...

This is one of my favourite parts of the process- choosing the right hat!  Each hat is made from recycled jumpers bought from the British Heart Foundation charity shop on London Road, Brighton. After being freshened up at the launderette they are transformed into long pointy hats and bobble hats in lots of different colour combinations - I love the idea of giving a new purpose to an old favourite jumper! 

If you have already visited the Ruby Ruth website shop you will know that all the characters have their own individual hat colours; Amber's is grey with a orange pom pom, Percy's is red with a yellow pom pom, Ingrid's is grey and silver, Rita's is pink to name a few.  As they are made from recycled fabrics the tone of the hats sometimes vary as it is not possible to get the exact one but the colour will always be the same. I love the idea that this makes each character completely unique! 

When the correct coloured jumper has been found, cut up and machine stitched into a hat it can be attached to the head thereby making all the components of the doll ready for the final stage of the making process.

Lastly Louisa has the task of hand sewing the dolls together. This can be tough on the hands. I usually need thimbles to do this part but Louisa very skillfully and quickly sews them without.  We worked out recently that since starting at the Ruby Ruth studio Louisa has hand sewn over 1000 dolls together!  

The finished result!

Just before each doll heads out into the world they are given a label and wrapped up in bubble wrap...

This doll was a bespoke order- a customer had requested the lilac colours for the body and eyes and sent in a jumper which they wanted to be used for the hat. If you have an idea for a doll in mind or an old favourite jumper you want to be given a new life get in touch!

To celebrate the first Ruby Ruth blog post we are offering 20% of all dolls in the website shop until midnight tonight. Use the code: BehindThe Scenes at the checkout to receive your discount :)

Photos by Alun Callender